Chin Augmentation: Tips to Improve Your Facial Contours


Not only women, but even males are also looking for surgical measures to improve their facial contours. The surgical measures create a symmetrical balance between different facial features and improve an aesthetical appeal of the face. Some people are unhappy with their facial features and want to improve them by going under the knife. If you are one amongst them, then jawline and chin are the best places to start with facial symmetry. Chin augmentation/Genioplasty or chin reshaping surgery is the best procedure for the same.

Genioplasty, also known as chin augmentation surgery, aims at enhancing the contours of the jawline, chin and neck and thereby resulting in improving facial harmony. The surgery is considered as a permanent solution for misaligned chin and jawline or a recessed chin. Serious injury, as well as birth defects associated with the chin, is easy to correct with the surgery. Depending upon the facial anatomy of an individual, only an experienced cosmetic surgeon can perform the procedure.

 Chin Augmentation Procedure

During the procedure, synthetic chin implants are placed underneath the existing chin’s bone of a person. For placing the implants, incisions are made under the chin or inside the mouth. After placement of implants, incisions are closed with dissolvable sutures. Most of the patients experience recovery within 1-3 weeks. Mild pain and discomfort, redness and swelling are observed by all patients. That will go normally after a week. 

The placement of chin implants is one of the procedures of chin augmentation. The other procedure is sliding or osseous genioplasty. During this procedure, a surgeon brings the lower jaw bone in the forward position to project lower face and chin symmetrically. It is an outpatient procedure that gets completed within the time of one hour and improves facial appearance drastically. A fact worth to disclose is it is a risky procedure than the placement of implants and invites more complications as well.

Precautions to Follow Before Treatment

If a person is opting for facial contour procedures like chin augmentation, he needs to follow certain precautions before the surgery. 

Some of those precautions are:

  • No usage of blood thinner medications
  • No smoking for 4 weeks before and after the procedure
  • No consumption of alcohol for 2 days before the procedure
  • Avoid eating or drinking 6 hours before the operation

Ideal Candidates for Genioplasty

Any person with underdeveloped chin or who is not happy with the appearance of facial profile and chin can consider himself as an ideal candidate for this facial contour. If a person is suffering from severe microgenia, lip protrusion, severe malocclusion, periodontal disease, etc., he should not undergo the surgery as the risk element runs high.

Is Chin Augmentation the Only Procedure for Improving Facial Contour?

No. There is a certain set of facial exercises that promote the blood circulation in different areas of a face, replenish the oxygen supply in the skin and the muscles tighten the facial skin and improve facial features with time. 

Depending upon the facial area, exercise needs to perform. For instance, if a person wants to tone his chin, he needs to sit straight and raise his chin in an upward direction. Wrap his hands around the neck above the collarbone and try to pull his skin in a downward direction. While doing this, he needs to close his lips and smile without showing the teeth. On the count of 3, bring your head in the initial position. Follow this exercise every day in a set of 10-10. It is quite an effective facial exercise for reducing the double chin. 

While performing any facial exercise, a person needs to take care of the following tips:

  • Either sit straight or lie down while performing the exercise
  • Washing hands before touching the face to avoid any chance of infection
  • Set a routine by performing the facial fitness routine every day at the same time
  • Initially, a person may feel little pain or burning sensation in muscles while performing exercises. But the pain will go in a few days. So, do not get discouraged by initial pain or discomfort.

However, in-house treatment gives a perfect result within a specific period. You should consult an experienced professional for the best value for money. Your aesthetic surgeon will suggest the right treatment, the prospects, and results from the treatment.    

Who is the Best Surgeon for Chin Augmentation Surgery?

Not all surgeons possess experience, expert medical knowledge, technical capability and in-hand training for performing all cosmetic surgeries. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to visit such a clinic where surgeons possess experience of performing chin augmentation surgery with a high success rate.

Clinic Dermatech is one of the leading cosmetic surgery centers in Delhi performing different kinds of cosmetic surgeries with a high success rate. Visited by several national and international patients, the surgeons prefer setting a comfort zone for patients before proceeding with the treatment. They listen to the client’s problem actively and their expectations from the treatment. Afterward, they explain clearly whether or not facial contouring is suitable for him/her. So, book your appointment for genioplasty by visiting the clinic today!


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