A cool breeze coming from an air conditioner or air cooler is what we want in summers. But it’s not quite easy to go for a good one without researching on a particular type of product. A lot of things is required to be taken into consideration while going for an air cooler.

Evaporative air coolers are trending one right now. These are often known as swamp coolers. This has become the best alternative to the traditional air coolers. They are eco-friendly, healthy and very cost effective from the traditional ones.

Therefore, you can find a number of things that must be considered before buying a swamp air cooler. Let’s known those in detail.

Energy Efficiency

—The air coolers use simple technology to cool air whereas if you look at an AC then you will find out that they use a lot of complex architecture to cool your space. The air coolers only use water as a cooling agent and fan and a water pump as a medium to provide cool air.

Cost Effective

—Evaporative air coolers are very cost effective. If you use an air cooler having a size of 40 inches, it would only cost you less than 20 rupees for eight hours. Thereby, you have 50% less operating expense than a traditional cooling systems.

Environmental Friendliness

—If you are a person who likes to be green then it is the best choice for you. This is because unlike other room coolers like an AC it does not uses any refrigerant gas which is the cause of ozone layer depletion and making the environment hotter day by day.

On the other hand, it uses the motion effect which occurs naturally. It uses the same theory that we studied in our science class, “The hot air Goes up and cold air comes down”. So using a swamp air cooler makes environment pollution and chemical free.

However, an evaporative air cooler provides you best quality of cool air if you place it outside your room where it can get fresh air from the environment. It is also good for your eyes as it does not let air inside your room become dry and protects you from itchy eyes and skin.

What are different types of Evaporative air coolers?

Basically, evaporative air coolers are of two types. Both of them can cool your room depending upon their size but if you are thinking of having a single air cooler to cool all of your house then it is impossible.

Residential air coolers

These are the best alternative to window Ac’s. They are more efficient than Ac’s and comes with castor wheels by which moving them from one place to another becomes too easy. So, if you have a small space which you want to cool then residential swamp coolers are the best fit for you.

Industrial Evaporative coolers

These are the air coolers which are large in size and can be used for large spaces such as big garages, big halls, workshops etc. They look similar to the residential coolers but are large in shape and their CFM is also very high.

Wrapping it Up

Air cooler has become a trend of today’s world. They are as much efficient as AC’s and are eco-friendly in nature. However, they have many other benefits over Air conditioners too which you have already seen above. So, if you love nature then go for it, as it is energy efficient can save a lot of money for yours.