Best Destiny 2 Shotgun Weapons to Kill Enemies


Destiny 2 is your online-multiplayer game where you become the hero to protect Earth from evildoers. This game was first released on Playstation 4 and Xbox, followed by a Microsoft version.

While Destiny 2 has a range of exotic weapons that are ready to blast enemies away for good, sometimes the player requires a different, specific approach to disintegrate enemies into oblivion.

And while all weapons have their plus points and flaws, we’re going to discuss we’re going to be specific here.

This article focuses on providing you a list of destiny 2 exotic weapons so read it till the end to know which shotgun is the best.

Shotguns are good to kill foes in a moment. You don’t have to be accurate since shotguns blow their brains out in a second, without taking much time. Let’s get to these strong weapons.

1. Lord of Wolves

Even though this shotgun is a random drop from the bounties dropped by The Spider, it is undoubtedly a deadly weapon to wield.

With the Release of Wolves perk, once can deal outstanding amounts of damage by shooting extra projectiles for every enemy that you manage to kill. Make sure you’re not grossed out by blood!

This shotgun is a handy weapon to carry in Gambit, as it cleanses the blockers and invading guardians from your path. In PvP, you can gather high kills but be certain to get up close with foes to stack insane amounts of kills.

2. Wishbringer

A shotgun that you get from playing The Crucible, it is obtained from Lord Shaxx after gaining the Valor rank of “Legend”.

Wishbringer is deadly and brutal, it can surmount enemies in a single shot if boosted by perks such as Slideshot and Open Shot.

Your enemies would wish to run far away if they see this alongside you, so make sure you defeat the Crucible to get your hands on the Wishbringer.

3. Dust Rock Blues

You can get this weapon from the EDZ or Mars, including a few other ways to get this gun.

After intense hard work, you get to experience an amazing range and power-packed impact in PvP.

Additionally, it’s perfect to hit mid-range targets since shotguns are usually dismissed as being poor choices with far-away foes and with the Barrel Shroud you can add an edge to your weaponry.

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4. Threat Level

As the name describes, this gun is a massive threat, for the enemies of course. A legendary shotgun that one can get by completing the Scourge of the Past raid, and is randomly dropped the first time you manage to complete the raid and is supported by random perks.

You can easily score melee kills with Threat Level and with Trench Barrel and Grave Robber, uplifted by the Rapid-Fire frame there’s nothing better you’d want by your side. Kill enemies for fun!

Fire at insane speeds and reload at the same time. To top it off, you can defeat big bosses with this gun too, all by itself!

5. IKELOS_SG_v1.0.1

Touted as the king of shotguns, IKELOS is a legendary shotgun that you can find in Destiny 2.

Even though it is quite a feat to obtain this weapon, once you do you will be unstoppable.

With the Trench Barrel, being the primary perk, you can punch enemies to increase the firepower of this weapon. Moreover, if you play Titan with Hammerstrike, punch enemies and you’ll get to have the shotgun at maximum power to kill the next one in seconds.

Works like a charm in PvE, come up close with bosses or with other enemies, this weapon will support you all the time. Take clean headshots and fire your foes away!

6. Perfect Paradox

You can attain this shotgun by doing the quests given by Brother Lance on Mercury. It might take extra time to complete other follow up tasks but it’s all worth the gun.

With the Rapid-Fire frame, you can launch power-packed hits to giant bosses and enemies with your shotgun on the full-auto shot. As your gun is automatic and has the auto-loading holster, there’s no limit to what the Perfect Paradox is capable of!

7. Basilisk

Another legendary shotgun, you can get this from The Dead Orbit Faction during the Faction Rallies. It may cost you a fortune but with its rapid-fire, you can kill a massive number of enemies fall in front of you like a swarm of flies.

PvE suits the Basilisk more and as you run of out additional ammo you can change runs and it auto reloads itself. Continue dropping those flies with this weapon once more!

Which shotgun do you like the most? Let us know!


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