7 Tips on Car Engine Care


To know how to take care of a car engine is to know the lottery numbers; or almost! Adopting simple recovery habits won’t make you rich, but they will definitely stop you from spending in the medium to long term. Here are seven tips for car engine maintenance.

Review every 10,000 km

Your car’s engine care is important you should also takes services fro providers and Car Recovery Services in Dubai are the best providers in engine care.
. When it comes to motor, braking means word. This is because waiting for the problem to be resolved means that a good amount of money will be spent on a well-performed service.

  • So tip number 1 is this: Maintain and monitor rescue every ten thousand kilometers. This includes checks for plugs and cables, belts, bearings, etc.

Oil change:

Easy, convenient, and basic! There is no excuse for not changing your oil on time, usually every ten thousand kilometers or six months (keep an eye on your car manufacturer’s time frame).

The type of oil is also important when learning how to care for your car’s engine: synthetic lubricating oil or mineral lubricating oil.

Synthetics are usually more expensive but have longer durability and more technology.

Already the cheapest mineral is still the most common and the one that best meets the needs of used cars.

Warning: Generally engines do not swallow well-mixed minerals and synthetic oils.

Replace air, oil, and fuel filters:

Air, oil, and fuel filters are designed to protect the engine from contamination. Therefore, it is important that these components are clean and in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Pay attention to the terms of exchange.


Continuing with the basics of car engine tips, we come to fuel.

Proper engine operation for quality and quality is non-negotiable. This is because poor quality fuel can affect lubricating oils, nozzles, and spark plugs.

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It is always advisable to refuel at the same place and during business hours to avoid damage to gas stations. It also helps to request an invoice.


Whether the engine is hot or cold above normal operating temperature is a sign of trouble.

To avoid this, it is important that the radiator contains the right amount of excess water (see information in the owner’s manual).

Enjoy the survey every 10,000 km away and take a good look at the entire cooling system.


The battery is responsible for providing the power needed to start the engine (other than running the electrical system), so a special precaution is being taken here.

There is also a good chance to see the battery terminals when you check the engine water level, which can be dirty, loose, or even damaged. If so, clear them. You will need a steel sponge and a mixture of baking soda in distilled water.

In three months just only one time, also check the battery water level if you need water. Attention: Here the liquid must be distilled water because the normal component is damaged.

To finalize the care, use petroleum jelly on the battery terminals – it’s better than grease.

Engine wash

We have eliminated the seven points of car engine maintenance in the engine itself. It must be kept clean to ensure that it is fully functional.

Although there are companies that specialize in motor washing, there are some precautions to be taken at home as well as protection of components connected to the electrical system ( ABS module, bodywork, electronic injection, alternator, relay box, coil, etc.) It is also possible to do.

The best way to flush the engine is to use a steam pressure machine. Never use washing powders, solvents, acids, or kerosene degreasers, as they dry the tubes and straps in addition to sealing the seals.



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