5 Factors That Attract Customers to your Website


When I get into the field of web design and development, there was a pool of questions that were popping up in my mind. Some of them were:

  • What is the first thing a customer note about the website?
  • What are the factors that attract customers to learn more about your website?
  • How can my website be different from the rest in the competition?
  • How should I design my website?

While wading on these questions, I met fellow entrepreneurs, design and development geeks to know the best practices of web design.

And with my 10 years of experience in the professional world, I came up with these 5 factors that attract the customers most to your website.

Factor#1: Blogging

If you want to generate a loyal base for your website, I’d recommend you start with blogging. It will help you to collate traffic for your website. And when people will see you consistent with your efforts, they’re going to believe your product more.

Blogging is the best way to share tips, tricks and information with the readers. When you’ve decided to launch the blog, first choose your niche then your target audience and stay in that realm till you multiply your traffic. 

The power of blogging is immeasurable especially when you’re focused on giving true values through it. You can’t make your product successful with 1 or 2 months of effort, it can require a year or two but consistency is what will make you closer to your goal.

Factor#2: Content Marketing

Now, when you’ve a blogging section for your website, you need to spend some time to start content marketing. It’s the most sought principle for the success in the organic search ranking space – content marketing.

When you only own a website and doesn’t plan to market, you miss the opportunities to market your website. It’s the key driver to make you noticed in the search engine results.

For successful content marketing, you don’t have to choose every platform to build your social media traffic. You can choose one and start marketing on that platform. If you’re serious about attracting customers to your site, then you must know content marketing. It will incredibly build your online presence.

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Factor#3: Discount Offers

How often do you order online when you know your favorite brand is offering discount or free offers on products?

Free offers and discounts provoke customers to look at your website and see if they can be benefited through it. However, free offers can cost a lot to the websites if they don’t know how to tackle it the right way.

The solution here is to monitor your sales revenue and devise a strategy for creating customized packages and offers. If you think the offers won’t cost your business then go with it else look forward to another strategy.

The better your offer, the greater will be the revenue, remember it.For designing attractive sales offer take help from any web design company in Dubai to come up with enticing offers. 

Factor#4:  Social Media Marketing

With all the growing platforms for businesses, you can’t neglect the power of social media to increase traffic to your site. If you analyze you’ll see a huge number of traffic comes to your website through social media.

It’s because there are more than 1 billion active users on social media monthly, and they search you there. If in case, you don’t have your presence on these platforms then you can lose plenty of customers.

So, never skip social media channels to increase your online presence. Analyze which platform is best for your business website and devise a strategy that sets well on the platform. That’s how you’ll have active social media credibility.

Factor#5: Video Marketing

If you’re done with the above four factors, it’s the last thing to get your hands on. Video marketing is influential and has an impact on the audience if created the right way. Like you can start with video tutorials that teach how to use your product, what impact it has created and any idea that establish your authority in the realm.

You might initiate and fail with your idea when you start but don’t give up. With several practices you can win the game and speed traffic on your site.


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