3 Simplest Ways to Fend off Corona Anxiety amidst Home Stay


Fears of COVID-19 have taken an emotional toll. The Coronavirus and its associated terms have become the talk of the everyday. The public places and religious sites are closed. The field of travel and tourism is almost deadened now. All the major religious events of all the major religions are closed.

The halal travel tourism has also shut its doors for the Muslim communities all over the world who desperately wanted to take their families at halal family holidays. The people are badly home struck these days and the daunting media reporting has screwed up their minds so badly.

It seems that this harming pandemic is clearing an unwelcoming path towards an emotional pandemic.  Psychologists report that with the increasing number of Corona cases, there is also an increase in the number of people suffering from extreme anxiety.

Harming Impacts of Stress and Anxiety

The medical science says that stress occurs with the release of specific stress-causing hormones that are triggered on any fearful event or perceived threat. Just like Corona, the stress affects differently on every individual. The most visible harming stress-related symptoms commonly noticed in the masses are excessive perspiration, heavy and fast breathing, higher heart rate, stomach pains, dry mouth, and other related impacts.

Amidst the long term home bounded days in Corona panic, several other anxieties revolve over other inevitable life aspects including job, family, money, health, and other matters.

But we must not consider these anxieties as permanent. We must not let these anxieties sit on our nerves because these difficult times shall pass. Corona pandemic would go but its associated anxieties would leave an unerasable impact on our mental and physical health.

So we must find ways to deviate our stress to retain our mental health in these temporary challenging days. Otherwise, the personal stress pandemic would become even more threatening than Corona itself.

3 Simplest Ways to Get Out of Anxiety

Don’t panic. Yes, you can overcome your fears and threats by yourself without any medicine or psychiatrist. You can fight with your stress and be your helper. There are just 3 simplest ways to reduce or eventually get rid of anxieties or panic disorder.

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Reduce your Media Exposure

The social and print media nowadays are loaded with unending rights and wrongs on Corona. Due to the plethora of media reporting, writing, and blogging on Corona’s illness, it has become very difficult to separate the facts from the fiction.

So stop looking at the news channels 24/7 and limit your media exposure. You can replace your media inclination with lots of other mind soothing options like Comic Book reading or watching a movie etc. It is the most important step to get out of the stress-causing.

Focus on the Soothing Objects of Nature

Instead of exhausting your eyes and ears with continuous exposure of television and mobile phone screens, placate your nervous soul by sitting quietly in the soothing lap of nature.  You can do this by sitting quietly alone in the evening in your green garden or simply looking at green trees out of your room window.

This quarantine is the golden time to listen to what the silent soothing world of beauteous nature says to you. You can also do this by breathing out in fresh air in the early morning.

Be Grateful For What You Have

Don’t make the worry an absolute way of living in the times of trial and ordeal. Instead of being fearful of Corona and other life issues, focus on whatever you have today at present. Be grateful to have beloveds, kids, friends, and a sheltering house. Never say that you are home struck, be grateful to God that you are blessed to have a house as your ultimate shelter. Instead of focusing on future problems, count the blissful blessings you have now in life and be even more grateful than before.


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